About Us


Founded in 1967, Comtech Systems, Inc. has spent over 50 years designing and implementing cutting-edge solutions to the toughest communications challenges worldwide. In addition to the US military, our customers include foreign governments and militaries across the globe. Additionally, we provide remote communication solutions to the commercial sector, including some of the world’s largest energy companies, such as Royal Dutch Shell, Petronas, and PEMEX.

Comtech Systems, Inc. has two interrelated focuses:

Modern Troposcatter Communications

offshore communications
offshore communications

Troposcatter provides a high data-rate, low latency, over-the-horizon communication link at ranges far beyond what is achievable with line-of-sight communications, without the need to rely upon satellites or intermediate relays. With Comtech troposcatter modems used in over 90% of the modern troposcatter systems deployed worldwide, Comtech is the undisputed leader in advanced troposcatter technology. Over 40 years of continuous troposcatter research and development (more than any other company in the world) have made Comtech responsible for a number of industry “firsts:”

  • The first 50 Mbps troposcatter terminal
  • The first Troposcatter specific Forward Error Correction [FEC]
  • Automatic Power Control and Code Rate to maximize performance and reduce interference
  • The first operational troposcatter link on an offshore floating platform
  • Rapidly deployable troposcatter systems that can be deployed in under one hour

Complex Communication Network Design and Systems Integration

remote communications
remote communications

Comtech Systems, Inc. draws upon decades of experience in a vast array of communications technologies to provide customized video, voice, and data network solutions specifically designed to meet each client’s unique needs. Comtech has designed and delivered these systems to military and commercial customers on every continent except Antarctica, utilizing HF/VHF/UHF, Microwave, Troposcatter, Satellite, and Fiber technologies, as well as many others. Comtech expertise has been utilized for a wide variety of applications, ranging from commercial telecom and offshore oil platform communications to air defense systems and secure military networks.

Comtech Systems is an independent operating subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corporation, and draws upon our relationship with other divisions in the Comtech family of companies such as Comtech EF Data and Comtech PST to deliver best in class solutions, while also maintaining the flexibility to integrate third party equipment and technology as needed to best meet customer requirements.