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troposcatter antenna
troposcatter antenna

Comtech Systems has been a leading supplier of communications systems to the global Defense and Security sector for over thirty years. As the market leaders in troposcatter technology, Comtech has continuously innovated its core product offering, resulting in a number of achievements, including:

  • The first 50Mbps digital troposcatter terminals
  • The complete modernization of the US Military AN/TRC-170 troposcatter systems
  • The development of portable angle diversity antenna systems for modern troposcatter communications, providing quad diversity performance with a single antenna

Comtech troposcatter has become an increasingly valuable element of the communications toolkit for both the US and foreign militaries, providing a low OPEX, high data rate alternative for over the horizon communication that fills the gap between satellite communications and line of site microwave. In addition to troposcatter systems, Comtech also provides customized communications solutions for defense and security customers using a variety of technologies, including Satellite communications, microwave, and HF/VHF/UHF, to name a few.

Recent Defense and Security Projects

troposcatter antenna
troposcatter antenna
  • The upgrade of 340 US military AN/TRC-170 troposcatter systems with Comtech CS-series digital troposcatter modems.
  • The delivery of 34 MTTS Tactical Troposcatter Terminals to the US Army for global missile defense and C4I deployments. The systems were designed as a combination Troposcatter/VSAT configuration to provide maximum deployment flexibility in a single package.
  • A North African Integrated Air Defense Communications Network including 22 Mbps troposcatter radio terminals, line of sight high data rate radio terminals, long distance HF radio terminals, ground-to-air VHF/UHF radio terminals, fiber optic communication links, and network management system.
  • Provided customized cold-weather troposcatter terminals (both trailer and transit-case systems) to the Swedish MOD for a one year evaluation in a variety of settings, including Arctic conditions.