Cormorant System Successful Field Deployment

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ORLANDO, FL, Jul 21, 2005: The Cormorant troposcatter system operated by the UK Joint Rapid Reaction Force (JRRF) recently underwent successful field deployment in the UK with Comtech Systems and EADS Defense and Security Systems UK.

Comtech Systems, Inc. participated in the Cormorant field deployment with the EADS Defence and Security System (EADS DS UK), Newport, South Wales. The Cormorant troposcatter system provides command and control capability for the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force units deployed anywhere in the world. This secure system utilizes the latest networking technology. It is air-transportable, allowing communications to be quickly established between units of Britain’s Joint Rapid Reaction Force (JRRF) wherever they are deployed. The Cormorant project was recently lauded by the British Minister of Defence Procurement as being the ideal system for the JRRF. The CEO of EADS DS UK commented that “EADS wishes to extend its profound thanks for the hard work and support during the past three years in delivering this groundbreaking communications system to the British Armed Forces”.

Comtech Systems, Inc. was selected for this project because of its field proven, high data rate troposcatter digital adaptive modem; its digital troposcatter radios and high power amplifiers that can be rapidly retuned in the field; and the configuration necessary to meet the limited space requirements within the Cormorant shelters. Comtech was required to meet all of the Ministry of Defence (MOD) Standards for Safety, Environment, and EMI as well as provide backup data for CE compliance.

Comtech Systems, Inc. (part of Comtech Telecommunications Corporation) designs, manufactures and installs state of the art microwave and troposcatter equipment for US and foreign military forces and commercial users throughout the world.

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