Comtech Systems Presents Advanced Troposcatter Communications Products

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Comtech Systems Presents Advanced Troposcatter Communications Products

ORLANDO, FL, March 12, 2009 — Comtech Systems Inc., a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications Corporation (NASDAQ: CMTL), demonstrated new on-air troposcatter communications products in conjunction with the AFCEA TechNet meeting in Tampa, FL. The Transportable Fast Link Antenna (TFLA) and the Troposcatter Communications Trailer (TCT) were operating over-the-air with the AN/TRC-170 on an 81 mile Tampa to Orlando link offering high reliability, high availability communications for voice, video and data. Full compatibility with legacy systems, tactical network connectivity and high data rate backbone communications were part of the demonstration.

“For over 30 years, Comtech Systems has been delivering advanced high data rate, over-the-horizon communications systems to military forces around the world, “ said Dick Burt, president of Comtech Systems. “The TFLA and TCT combined with the latest Comtech modem technology and solid state amplifiers now provide a new dimension to the use of tropo on the battlefield. Mobility, ease of operation, and quick setup are causing resurgence in the use of troposcatter communications by the warfighter. Tropo now represents an alternative to other transmission systems such as satellite or HCLOS communications.”

The TFLA is a rapidly deployable angle diversity three meter troposcatter antenna that is a single antenna designed to support quad-diversity operation that enables the link to be setup in 30 minutes or less, a significant reduction from the traditional two antenna system. Using GPS and an automated pointing system make setup and optimization very easy especially in stressed conditions.
The TCT is a self contained troposcatter communications system incorporating the TFLA, Comtech modems, and solid state amplifiers. The TCT is deployable with a 50% reduction in crew size from four to two, and can be towed by a HMMWV or similar vehicle.

With the Comtech Systems CS6716 or CS67200 modems, data throughput of up to 20 megabits per second has been demonstrated using advanced forward error correction techniques to sustain high availability. The Comtech Systems modems are the only modems available that provide over-the-air interoperability with legacy systems. Operational links of over 130 miles deliver streaming video, voice and data using the Comtech Systems modems.

Comtech Systems Inc. is the leading supplier of troposcatter communications products for defense and industrial customers around the world for beyond line-of-sight, high capacity applications. Additional information about Comtech Systems Inc. is available at www.localhost/comtech.