Transportable Communications Terminal (TCT)

Transportable Communications Terminal (TCT)

The Comtech Troposcatter Communications Trailer (TCT) is a self-contained troposcatter system designed for rapidly deployable over-the-horizon communications. The TCT is based on the Comtech Transportable Fast Link Antenna (TFLA), and incorporates an entire quad diversity troposcatter terminal including the CS67500 Digital Troposcatter Modem, CS4400 Frequency Converter System, and a pair of TRP500-4450 or CS41000 Solid State Power Amplifiers.

Combining the TLFA’s automated angle-diversity antenna, which enables a single antenna reflector to provide a quad diversity link, with a complete set of onboard quad-diversity troposcatter equipment greatly simplifies deployment. Utilizing this system, a trained two-man crew can achieve set-up and link activation in 45 minutes, providing up to 50 Mbps over-the-horizon communications well beyond the reach of other terrestrial transmission systems.

A variety of options and configurations are available, including single or tandem axels, removable or fixed troposcatter components, and options for on-board generators, UPS, and additional user-defined baseband equipment. Depending upon the specific configuration, the TCT can be towed by a light truck, or airlifted via plane or helicopter as required.

  • Data Rates up to 50 Mbps
  • Line of Site to 150km+ range (terrain dependent)
  • Quad Diversity performance in a single antenna system
  • Deployment and Link Activation in 45 minutes
  • Configurable to meet specific user requirements

Core System Elements:

  • CS67500 Digital Troposcatter Modem
  • CS4400 Frequency Converter System
  • TRP500-4450 or CS41000 Solid State Power Amplifiers (2 per trailer)
  • CSA3000 Transportable Fast Link Antenna
  • QUICK Program