Modular Transportable Transmission System (MTTS)

Transit Case Troposcatter Terminals

Comtech’s Modular Transportable Transmission System [MTTS] is the most flexible mobile troposcatter terminal available. The main elements of the MTTS are the Modem Converter Case, which contains the CS67500 Digital Troposcatter Modem and the CS4400 Frequency Converter System, and the RF Case, which houses the TRP500-4450 Solid State Power Amplifier. When paired with a C-Band troposcatter antenna, the system provides a complete troposcatter communications solution in a rapidly deployable package.

The modular design allows users to take a building block approach to deployment, only utilizing the cases needed for a specific mission objective, with the ability to increase the power of the systems as those requirements change. The MC Case (paired with a C-Band antenna) can function as a stand-alone line of site transmission system for short range and unobstructed links. The addition of a single RF case enables dual diversity troposcatter and diffraction links, for medium range and obstructed communications, and a second RF Case (with antenna) provides Quad Diversity troposcatter communications for maximum range.

The portable transit case design allows for more flexible deployment options than traditional trailer or vehicle based troposcatter systems. The MTTS cases can be carried to the top of a building or over terrain that is inaccessible by vehicles in order to optimize transmission paths, as well as be transported inside a helicopter or SUV if required.

  • Data Rates up to 50 Mbps
  • Line of Site to 150km+ range (terrain dependent)
  • Modular transit case design for maximum flexibility
  • Can utilize any C-Band antenna with a troposcatter feed
  • Optional Tri-mode configuration enables LOS, Tropo, and VSAT communications with one common set of equipment

Core System Elements [1 x MC Case / 1 x RF Case]

  • CS67500 Digital Troposcatter Modem
  • CS4400 Frequency Converter System
  • TRP500-4450 Solid State Power Amplifier
  • QUICK Troposcatter Path Analysis Program