Custom Troposcatter Solutions

Comtech provides a wide range of customized troposcatter solutions, ranging from fixed installations and country-wide network backbones, to shelter and vehicle mounted solutions. The unique nature of troposcatter system design ensures that Comtech is constantly adapting to customer needs, developing solutions for performance under some of world’s most challenging environments, including:

Floating offshore platforms
Gumusut Blue Marlin Filtered

Latency-sensitive utilities

Gumusut Blue Marlin Filtered

Arctic Circle communication
Arctic Troposcatter Solutions

Desert communications
Desert Troposcatter Solution

Tropo + VSAT/Fiber/HF/microwave multi-technology networks

Path Calculations:
Comtech Systems provides a complete path engineering and design service for prospective customers and current customers. Using our troposcatter path loss and performance prediction program and a digital terrain data base, we can accurately predict the error rate and availability for any troposcatter link anywhere in the world. Comtech Systems’ software was developed using industry recognized NBS Tech Note 101, CCIR climate types, and ITU availability recommendations, and later enhanced based decades of performance data from installed systems around the world. Using our new digital terrain data base we can predict path performance and estimate equipment requirements in a timely and efficient manner.

For more information on customized troposcatter systems, please contact us with information about your requirement at our troposcatter inquiry page.