Commercial Troposcatter Rack

Commercial Troposcatter Rack
A Complete Troposcatter Terminal for fixed-site installations

This troposcatter system is the standard configuration provided to our Commercial customers for fixed-site installations. The troposcatter Rack contains the CS67200i or CS67500 Digital Troposcatter Modem, CS4400 Frequency Converter System, and CS8100 Digital Troposcatter Multiplexer, along with other associated components such as redundant power supplies, filters, low-noise amplifiers (LNA), and dehydrator. In addition to the troposcatter equipment, 9 RU of additional rack space is available for user-defined equipment.

A front-mounted touch panel computer provides easy access to the system’s graphical user interface, as well as system status and configuration controls. The digital voice order wire provides easy communication between terminals during system setup and maintenance, and the redundant, modular design minimizes the chance of outage, while simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting.

  • Data Rates up to 50 Mbps
  • Ranges exceeding 200km (terrain dependent)
  • Integrated Digital Order Wire
  • Remote Monitoring and Configuration

Core System Elements [Tropo Rack Only]

  • CS67200i or CS67500 Digital Troposcatter Modem
  • CS4400 Frequency Converter System
  • CSM8100 Digital Troposcatter Multiplexer
  • Touch-panel computer
Commercial Troposcatter Rack