Transportable Fast Link Antenna (TFLA)

Transportable Fast Link Antenna (TFLA)

Trailer Mounted  3.0M Angle Diversity Troposcatter Antenna 

The Comtech CSA3000 Transportable Fast Link Antenna (TFLA) is an innovative solution to for customers wishing to deploy a quad-diversity tropo system, but prefer not to employ the two separate antennas required for a space diversity configuration. This 3.0 m trailer-mounted antenna incorporates a four-port angle diversity feed, allowing for two separate transmission beams from a single carbon fiber reflector.

The TFLA incorporates automatic features that greatly simplify deployment, allowing for link activation by two operators in less than 30 minutes. The segmented carbon fiber reflector stows for easy transport, including C-130 transport and Blackhawk lift, and the antenna has successfully completed the US Military’s Munson Road Test (MIL-STD).

  • Quad Diversity performance from a single antenna
  • Automatic pointing capability
  • 30 minute link activation
  • Operational in winds up to 45 mph with optional high-wind kit