Turnkey Networks

Turnkey Networks

Comtech SystemsComtech is uniquely qualified to provide integrated networks. Our core business is supplying wireless WAN links (troposcatter, LOS, SATCOM, HF) around the world in a variety of network applications including offshore oil exploration, Air Defense networks and C4ISR Command and Control. Our equipment is currently operating in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and South America in widely diverse environmental conditions. Connecting and operating networks over these various wireless links requires the unique knowledge Comtech possesses in optimizing and integrating complex networks. Many of the technologies utilized in Comtech’s network designs are currently being used by the United States Military, foreign militaries, and commercial customers around the globe.

Network LAN and WAN Management

Comtech SystemsComtech uses a variety of hardware and software appliances to manage the customer networks. Comtech utilizes specialized network management interfaces to constantly “optimize” both the WAN and LAN sides of network nodes. This ensures that the LAN is constantly providing a clean, prioritized, and steady flow of traffic to the WAN, and that this traffic is prioritized to align with the intent of the CIOs, Commanders, or other key stakeholders responsible for determining the strategic goals of the network. WAN traffic is then dynamically balanced between multiple network paths, which are monitored constantly for throughput capacity, jitter, delay, and packet loss.

Comtech uses specialized WAN appliances that use these “link metrics” to make best path decisions for individual packets; this ensures packets take the most efficient path through the network. The WAN appliances are also capable of weathering high packet loss and high delay events over degraded transmission paths (for example, satellite paths impacted by weather or solar activity, etc…) through the use of selective retransmission and buffering. All of this WAN side optimization is done inside the appliance, requiring little, or no, user intervention; this drastically reduces operator work load.

While the WAN side of the network node is being optimized, the appliances are also grooming the LAN traffic for the node. The LAN appliance is responsible for providing the WAN with a clean, prioritized, and steady flow of traffic from the LAN. LAN traffic is shaped to match the transmission throughput and characteristics of the WAN links. High priority traffic flows, like VoIP calls and VTC sessions, are guaranteed precedence over lower priority flows, like email or FTP sessions, without “nailing up” bandwidth. By dynamically allocating bandwidth to high priority traffic, the LAN optimization tools are able to make sure all traffic flows are transmitted when higher priority applications are not in use.  By constantly filling the gaps in high priority traffic flows with low priority packets, the LAN appliances are able to eliminate the peaks and valleys in throughput normally associated with IP networks, making very efficient use of limited available bandwidth.

In addition to grooming and prioritizing packet flows; Comtech also utilizes TCP acceleration. By utilizing multiple packet acceleration techniques, such as packet turn reduction, file caching, and device spoofing, we are able to reduce the number of TCP packets that transit the network; from a user’s perspective, this makes the throughput capacity of the network act much larger than it actually is.

The final tool utilized by Comtech for LAN optimization is application monitoring. We provide a means for network operators to graphically see how the LAN is being used. Metrics are provided to show which applications are being most used, which groups within the LAN are using what portion of the LAN’s available bandwidth, and how usage statistics are trending over time. By coupling WAN and LAN traffic optimization, Comtech Systems offers users efficient access to high availability, highly resilient, transmission networks. Comtech Systems is an integral partner for the engineering, manufacturing, test, installation and logistic support of your vital communication networks.


  • Acceleration of key enterprise applications – increases performance across the WAN for all TCP applications, by up to 100 times.
  • Reduced bandwidth utilization. Users typically reduce bandwidth utilization by 60% to 95%, often allowing them to defer costly network bandwidth upgrades.
  • Visibility and analytics capabilities allow users to identify, analyze, and resolve problems.
  • Measure application performance for internal and external users of your enterprise applications.
  • Provides bandwidth aggregation while improving end-to-end reliability
  • Continuous monitoring of end-to-end network path health, allowing for best path routing on a per-packet basis
  • Robust routing that ensures applications work without interruption – even in the case of link failure or network impairments such as high jitter, delay or packet loss