Advantages for Commercial Users

Modern Troposcatter Communications have a number of unique benefits for commercial applications:

  • Digital technology has solved the reliability and interference problems that plagued troposcatter systems of the past, allowing commercial customers in need of long distance communications to take advantage of the extremely reliable, high-data rate communications that modern troposcatter provides.
  • The majority of commercial troposcatter customers are in the energy sector, where troposcatter is used to connect distant sites, such as a shore station to an offshore platform, or two offshore platforms that are too far apart to utilize line of sight communications.
  • Other commercial applications include long distance links for applications with strict latency tolerances, such as power generation and fault detection, or high-speed financial trading, both of which find the low latency attributes of troposcatter extremely beneficial.

Troposcatter is also utilized by telecommunication providers, both as the main backbone, and a redundant backup for fiber optic and microwave infrastructure, especially for cases where multiple service areas are separated by difficult terrain, such as chains of island or mountainous regions.


Unique Qualities

Regardless of the application, troposcatter systems have a number of unique qualities that make it a valuable addition to the communications toolkit, including:

Long-Range / High Bandwidth
  • Distances exceeding 200km (path dependent) and data rates up to 50Mbps.
Low Latency
  • Typically less than 15 ms.
High Availability
  • Systems designed for customer-defined availability requirements, up to carrier-grade availability.
Minimal Operating Costs
  • No transponder leases or ongoing costs for usage.
Wholly Owned Solution
  •  No reliance on third party providers for data handling, and no susceptibility to outages caused by third-party equipment failures.