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The World Leader in Digital Troposcatter Systems
Troposcatter equipment & Systems Microwave Equipment & Systems VSAT Equipment & Systems Turnkey System Design
troposcatter equipment LOS Equipment VSAT Equipment Turnkey Design
Fixed site or transportable troposcatter systems with 22 Mb/s or 4 E1 capacity over very long distances. Microwave terminals for line of sight applications with 34 Mb/s capacity for fixed site or transportable requirements. Comtech Systems’ microwave terminals are designed to complement troposcatter terminals using common equipment modules. Complete systems & all the components for a VSAT network chosen to meet your requirements for capacity, cost, & reliability. Complete telecommunication terminals, integrated, installed, & tested in electronic equipment shelters, ready to be shipped directly to sites for immediate deployment. Shelters can be provided for fixed sites or for truck mounted transportable applications.

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